Walk Information


Join us for our first Upper Valley Walk for Democracy!  We'll be Walking the Talk along a six-mile route from Lebanon to Hanover.  

May 23, 2015, Hanover Walk Route:

  • 11:30AM – Meet at Lebanon Green for a kickoff rally.  Make signs, make friends, and get ready to make a difference.
  • 12:00PM – Walkers depart for a 6-mile supported walk to Hanover.
  • 2:00PM – Arrive at Hanover Green.  From the Green, we'll continue another couple blocks to the Rockefeller Center, where we'll celebrate with NH Rebellion founder Lawrence Lessig, former Senator Jim Rubens, Senator David Pierce, and Karen Liot Hill.  There will also be street theatre, burgers, and Ben & Jerry’s.

Transportation will be provided back to your cars at the end of the event.  RSVP here, then head over to our facebook event and let your friends know you're going!

Our Inspiration

We were inspired by Doris Haddock (aka, “Granny D”) who in 1999 at the age of 88, walked from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. with a sign on her chest that read, “CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM.” Like Granny D’s walk, our walks will help draw national attention to this issue and force politicians to address it.

How will walking make a difference?

First, with hundreds of Granite Staters walking for reform, the walks prove that Americans care about the issue of corruption.

Second, the walks give people hope that we can do something to solve this problem. The walks give everyone a way to participate in a tangible, visible way.

Third, the walks help us recruit New Hampshirites to join us in 2016 in asking every presidential primary candidate, “How will YOU end this system of corruption in Washington?”

Every presidential primary candidate comes through New Hampshire, and will be asked this question. The mainstream media will be forced to cover the issue and make it the most important issue of the primaries. Voters will then have the information necessary to choose a candidate who will champion reform.

How well is the plan working so far?

Extremely well! When we first walked in January 2014, we thought just a handful of people would join us. Instead, 207 people walked, including 19 who traveled with us for all 185 miles. We received international media coverage, including extensive coverage by major media outlets in New Hampshire, reaching an estimated audience of 3.2 million people. We’ve been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received here and across the country.

In July of 2014 we held a walk along the New Hampshire seacoast. This walk brought together just over 500 walkers. This gathering represented the largest non-partisan event in New Hampshire in a number of years. To see the news coverage of this and other events please visit  our news and media page.